To learn quickly how to speak a foreign language, you need to train the vocal apparatus. Pronunciation plays a big role. If you will distort the sounds you do not understand, and communication is meaningless. Get a basic course of phonetics. Regularly recite tongue twisters in order to get used to unfamiliar words.
Study grammar. Without it, you will speak quickly and correctly. Even at a primitive level, but you should know the features of sentence construction.
To tell, need at least some vocabulary, you're not going to do monosyllabic words "Yes" and "no"? For effective learning every day is important to learn at least five new words. Be sure to memorize formulaic expressions: greetings, goodbyes, requests.
Of course, if you're silent, even with a great wealth of knowledge, say you don't learn. Proper solution to the problem is to find the source. No matter whether you live next door to him or in different cities, he says good or bad. At this stage, you should get used to speak and respond to questions of the interviewee. Do not fret, if at first you feel difficult to Express their thoughts in a foreign language, it will take time.
Search for the carrier of the target language. Thanks to modern technology it will be easy. On specialized websites you can get acquainted with a foreigner wishing to learn the Russian language. The cooperation on mutually beneficial terms will do you good. If you are studying a language from scratch, it is better to look for Russian-speaking interlocutor.
Listen to the radio, watch in the target language. Some expressions are repeated often and quickly you will acquire them. If not listen to someone else's speech, it is almost impossible to learn how to reproduce it. Specific intonation, the accent - it has to be learned and constantly used in his speech.