You will need
  • - the program for measuring FPS.
Install on your computer a software utility that will keep track of the number of fps produced by your graphics card for a certain period of play time in Counter Strike. Most often used program is Fraps, but you can also use a and its analogs.
After installing the software, run your tool and make any required initial setup relatively quick access buttons to launch the tracking and FPS for graduation also set a record performance data to a file.
Open the game Counter Strike, and then follow, if necessary, an Internet connection and opening the client for a network game. Go after that in game mode, after launching with shortcut buttons tracking results FPS. If you need information about FPS at the moment also use the preset shortcut key.
View the recording of the program in relation to the monitored parameters of its FPS game Counter Strike. They are usually stored in the logs corresponding directory in the Program Files or Application Data depending on the software you are using.
If you want to increase the number of frames per second for the game Counter Strike, use the install additional software and programs optimize the video settings, update DirectX and install the latest version of video card drivers.
Do not use other means of increasing the performance of the game, because you can break the video card. You can also configure the settings of your operating system to ensure the best performance in the properties menu of "My computer".