What is FPS

FPS is an acronym for the phrase "Frame Per Second", which in Russian language means "frames per second". Not difficult to guess that this value indicates how many frames are displayed on the screen of your personal computer or laptop during a unit of time. The estimated level of FPS can be determined without any specialized software. This is done as follows: the smoother and more realistic image formed in games and demanding graphics applications, the higher level of FPS.

Average FPS

How much the screen displays the frames per second directly correlates to the comfort of gameplay, so obviously, the more FPS gives your computer the better. And of course, the frame rate, there are limits that are set by the characteristics of your monitor, that is, if the monitor the maximum frequency is, for example, 75 Hertz, which corresponds to 75 frames per second, and the computer gives 100 FPS, the frames will be replaced on the screen with a frequency of 75 per second. In order not to waste time, nerves and get from the game only fun at the dynamic gameplay it is necessary that the magnitude of FPS does not fall below 30-40 frames.

Depends on what FPS

FPS depends on the components of your personal computer. The main ones are the graphics card, performance RAM, it is the speed, not volume, CPU and motherboard chipset. For example, the integrated, i.e. embedded, graphics video adapters do not allow to achieve a high level of FPS, this is due to their technical features, such graphics cards are suitable only for operation with office applications and Internet surfing. Consequently, to obtain smooth and realistic images it is necessary to use a discrete graphics card.

The next link is the CPU. Weak or stripped-down processor will not allow your graphics card to work at full capacity. The speed of RAM affects the speed of compute-intensive workflows. When there is insufficient amount of RAM will be frequent pozarowski, for example, you move through game levels. Motherboard chipset ensures high-quality connection components, your personal computer.