You will need
  • Pure wool or synthetic pieces of cloth, vegetable oil, salt, vinegar; special cleaning agent for polished furniture.
During cleaning, do not wipe polished furniture with a damp cloth. The most viable option – wool or synthetic cloths that electricus by friction to attract dust particles.
If polished the surface becomes dirty, use a tried and true means. Filter tea leaves consumed, better than Chinese tea. Wrap them in a soft cloth and the resulting swab, wipe the furniture. Then you need to drain place a clean, soft cloth. You can use tampons soaked in milk.
Another option: contaminated surfaces wipe with a cotton swab in warm vinegar. Then dry and buff to restore the Shine with wax or colorless Shoe Polish.
If the polished furniture has darkened, prepare the following ingredients: 2 parts turpentine, 2 parts linseed oil, 1 part vinegar or wine. Soak in this solution washcloth and Polish quick and energetic movements below the surface is heated. The lost Shine will be restored. Suitable as a variant of composition from part red wine and part vegetable oil.
If you do not notice and leave the polishing water marks from wet glasses – also there are stains. On the contaminated spot sprinkle of salt and add vegetable oil. Spread on the stain and soak for 2-3 hours. Then remove the mixture and vigorously wipe with a woolen cloth.
After the festivities with champagne and candles on the polished table tops can stay drops of wax from melted candles. Heat in boiling water the blade of a kitchen knife and carefully scrape the frozen puddles of wax. The remaining traces remove with warm water or swab with gasoline.
If you have ink, this is certainly not today's students, hypothetically, they can be polished. To remove ink stain, heat slightly and pour the beer on the ink. After removal and drying space is also Polish it with a soft woolen cloth.