To remove the security alert, you must disable the firewall. Call the "window security Center" Windows. To do this through the "start menu" open "control Panel". Click on the icon "security Center" with the left mouse button.
There are other ways to invoke the dialog. In the menu "start" select "Programs," find the category "Standard". In the opened submenu, select the "Office" and in the final submenu, click on "security Center" with the left mouse button. This way you can specify in the address bar of the folder Documents & Settings (user group (or administrator)/start menu/Programs/accessories/system tools).
Opening the "window security Center" Windows, click with the left mouse button on the icon "Windows firewall" to open an additional dialog box. Go to the General tab and set the marker in margin next to the line "Off (not recommended)". Click OK for the new settings to take effect.
The firewall is not concerned in those cases when everything is working properly. For example, if your firewall gives you the message that databases are obsolete (which also puts your computer at risk), do not have to turn it off. Just enable the update. To do this, from the Windows "security Center" Windows, click on the icon "Automatic update" in the displayed additional window, select the marker in the "Automatic" (Recommended) and click OK.
Remember that Windows firewall was not created in order to annoy the user of your alerts and to make it work as safe as possible. If you disable the firewall, install it on your PC antivirus and/or firewall (firewall).