You will need
  • — the document proving the identity;
  • — a statement.
Contact your local or regional branch of the red Cross. Read the official information, learn about the history of the ALAC rules, the Charter. To participate in the activities of the organization 14 years and become its official member since I was 18.
Write an application in free form about the desire to become a member of the red Crossand pay annual membership dues (from 10 to 500 rubles.). Within 10 days, your candidacy will be reviewed and approved or rejected (in case of problems with the law or engage in activity contrary to the activities of the ALAC, for example inciting ethnic hatred). If you know of a member of the ALAC, which can give you a recommendation, it will accelerate the consideration of the application.
The deadline will receive a personalized membership card and information about ongoing campaigns and activities of the local branch of the red Crossand in which you can participate.
Become a member of the red Crossand it is possible and without a membership card. The red Cross regularly recruits volunteers who free of charge take part in charity events: caring for the disabled, children, refugees, the elderly, distribute humanitarian assistance, disseminate information about the activities of the red Cross. Wishing to become a volunteer you need to contact nearest branch of the ALAC, to provide documents (if necessary and documents on training), to enter into a contract, which will specify the rights and obligations of the volunteer, his place of work.
If you want to associate with this organization in their future life, follow the vacancies of the Russian red Crossand the international offices or KK. Knowledge of foreign languages, the demand of the specialty (e.g. doctor, psychologist), membership and regular participation in events and programs will increase the chances of becoming a member of this organization.