You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
In order to see what's happening through the wall in Counter-Strike game, use input special cheat codes in the console program. The input is using English layout, also notice the button marked with a tilde (~) in your keyboard, because otherwise problems may arise with the launch of the console.
Start the game Counter Strike and go to the menu settings. In the keyboard settings, enable the developer console. Save the settings and go to game mode. Click on the button with the tilde on your keyboard, thereby triggering the console. After this you need to activate input cheat codes. To do this, write sv_cheats 1 and press Enter.
After activating the enter the cheat codes, type gl_zmax 0 in the console. This will allow you to see through walls in Counter Strike, even if you are just a client of the server, not the administrator. Cheat code r_drawentitys 0 (2) permits to see through the door.
Use the console to enter other cheat codes that give you certain advantages over your opponent, for example, sv_clienttrace 9999 increases the shooting speed to a maximum value sv_gravity # - control over gravity sv_aim gives the player the ability to use zamanabadi snipers.
For additional 16000 units of game currency, enter the cheat code impulse101. To increase the size of your jump in the length or width of the sv_stepsize use code 9999999999. To increase or decrease the velocity of the character type sv_friction -3. If you don't want the light went out for your player, you can use r_dynamic 0.