Fry the mushrooms briefly, without adding liquid. Therefore, to not pre-boil all collected in the forest trophies "quiet hunt", they need as fast as possible to carefully clean the caked leaves, grass, pine needles. And in parallel to sort by types. Edible to put in one pile, conditionally edible in another. Immediately thoroughly rinse the mushrooms in two or three waters to remove all insects and land. Not delay processing of these plants by their very nature are highly perishable.

Edible and conditionally edible mushrooms are prepared separately. Conditionally edible specimens before roasting definitely pre-cooked. It helps to get rid of remaining on the surface of microorganisms and significantly change fungal properties: toxicity reduced to a safe level or eliminated altogether, eliminating the bitterness. The fact that the toxic substances of the fungus is able when heated to dissolve in water. Therefore, the lines ordinary, egocheaga and brittle Russula, volnushki pink, yellow, and black mushrooms are first cooked. This should bring plenty of water to boiling, add salt (1 tbsp salt for 2 litres), omit the mushrooms and cook for 10-15 minutes. Then to merge broth.

Because of the bitter taste you have to cook and many other mushrooms. Horikoshi, sclipici, mushrooms are real, mlechnikov camphor, alder, sweet and neecie, sereshki, podgruzki white, some types of russules, svinushek and govorushin, moth etc. are also laid in boiling salted water and boil for from 5 to 15 minutes. During this time, existing bitterness disappears. But with an unpleasant bitter gall fungus is unable to cope even long boiling.

At the same time, provided all the preparatory stages (thorough cleaning, wash and emergency preparation) is definitely edible mushrooms before passerovannye subjected to pre-cooking should not in any case. This rule applies to white mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms, mushrooms, morels, mushrooms umbrellas, caps ringed, Russula and radovka. Of course, long cooking of mushrooms will not cause to human body damage. However, decreases the nutritional value "of our forest any beef", deteriorating the taste and weakens the aroma. In addition, some of the edible mushrooms after boiling become slimy.

Also there is no need to roasting cooking hothouse mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and all fresh-frozen mushrooms that you can buy in stores. Moreover, grown on a sterile substrate of mushrooms can be eaten raw, for example, adding in the salad.