You will need
  • - satin ribbon width 4-6 cm;
  • - thread to match the ribbon;
  • - needles;
  • - scissors;
  • - decorative cord or soutache;
  • - beads or stones with holes;
  • - tulle or organza.
Decorate with Tulip skirt. If it is made of solid material or is not too colorful fabric, it can be decorated with a bow. The first option is the placement of the bow simple satin ribbon the right color tie at the waist, it will look particularly impressive if the pencil skirt is made with a high waist.
The other option will require more skill. Take a soft satin ribbon, set on the sides basting seam, stepping back from the edge 1 mm. Tighten the thread so that the tape was assembled from two sides. Sew the resulting strip with two sides along the middle back seam from the waist to the beginning of the slit or slots. Tie a neat ribbon bow, sew it on top of the ruffle where it begins the cut. Choose a ribbon to match the material of the skirt to satin sheen only enhanced it.
Adorn skirt. In General, these skirts are sewn from high-quality plain fabric, and the attractiveness of this style lies in the flowing folds. However, summer skirt made of linen can be decorated with decorative cord or soutache. It is best to choose a shade similar to the color of the basic material. Lay out the lace in the form of monograms and flourishes at the bottom of the skirt below the bottleneck. Sew with small stitches. In several areas sew small stones with holes (such remains of scattered beads, or bracelets).
Give a new look to A-shaped skirt in a boring color. For this stitch several bottom hems organza or tulle. You can use the skirt pattern-the sun or polyanna, importantly, waist circumference coincides with the width of the belt on the finished skirt, and the length of petticoats was 4-6 cm more. Carefully sew the bottom of the light skirt on the inside, they will give an additional amount of product and will be Flirty peek out from the bottom. Also you can put on the waist a bow of the same material.