You will need
  • - scoured grill;
  • oil;
  • water;
  • the spatula or brush;
  • products.
Choose the most convenient form of pan-grill. They are round, oval, square or rectangular. Some like a waffle iron – they not only have a corrugated bottom, but the same cover. Ribbed surface that mimics the barbecue grill evenly distributes heat and allows you to cook with virtually no oil.
Find suitable material. Cast iron skillet-grill due to the thick walls allows you to cook a very flavorful, rich dishes. However, it is heavy, long time warms up and difficult to wash off. Frying pan with Teflon coating is heated and washed quickly, but require special care. It is easily scratched. Such pan-grill food is not always fried evenly and sometimes burning. While the best option is to pangrill ceramic coating.
When frying use oil at a minimum. They need a bit of fluff protruding strip of bottom that will be in contact with food. It is better to use a brush for the grill or silicone spatula. There are special devices of type of atomizers for spraying the oil. To oil, add a little water.
Fry pan-grill meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, cheese and toast. All this food is cooked faster than in a normal pan, high quality fried, and the result is more useful. Vegetables enough to fry on both sides in 5-10 minutes, sprinkle in front of it with salt and spices. The fish should cook a little longer, and this should be done very carefully because it may fall apart (the best option to grill cod and salmon). Use the pan-grill a pizza!