Choose the right version of the program on the website and download it to your computer. Start the installation process of the Converter. In the dialog box select components check the printer PDF 24. It is through this virtual printer, you will be able to convert any files into PDF documents all the programs in the Toolkit which provides the function of printing. After installation is complete, verify that the virtual printer appears in the list of connected devices.
Reformat into a PDF document you created earlier. To do this, start PDF 24 Editor. Drag and drop the desired file into the dark box in the program window on the right. To select whether to use the navigation tree on the left. Wait for a while. while the program converts the document.
Select the quality parameters of the future instrument. To do this, click "Tools" then click "Install". In the window that appears, navigate to the "PDF Quality".
Please note that the PDF 24 Editor not only allows you to change the document format: you can add and delete pages, merge multiple files into one, etc. the program Interface is simple and intuitive, all the buttons are provided with tooltips, so to understand everything you can easily.
Click save the file. In the opened window, select the format and other parameters of the future instrument. Click on the button Continue. Name the file and specify the directory in which it should be placed. Click on the "Save" — of your PDF document is ready.
Create new PDF documents in any most convenient to you programs: Word Pad, Paint, Notepad, etc. To do this, start the program and shape the future instrument: type and format text, add images, tables, etc. When everything is ready, the programs menu, select "Print". Install the used virtual PDF printer 24. Configure the settings for "print" the document. Click on the OK button.
Select in the appearing window the desired operation to show the file or save it. If required, change the program settings and edit the document. Specify a folder to save the file, and set its name. Wait while PDF 24 Editor will create and save the document in the specified directory.