You will need
  • - flowers
  • - decorative tape,
  • - floral foam,
  • - wire.
Worldwide as a popular wedding small round bouquet. From above it looks round and from the side has the form of a hemisphere. Cascading bouquet consists of flowers with long stems, similar in shape to an inverted drop. In the Soviet years was the usual direct bouquetthat the bride held along the arm. Special decorations, except for the ribbons, it has not been added. Bouquet-"sceptre" is done by Platania desired shape flowers. Bouquet-"clutch" is worn on the hand. In the modern wedding dresses you can even find a loop for this bouquet.
There are several ways to build a wedding bouquet. The first is perhaps the most popular to date - flowers in portbouquetnice, the plastic fixture, which is a sponge, absorbing water. In portbouquet ofnice flowers will not wilt, lose shape, will not stain your dress with flower juice and not be scratched by thorns. To keep a bouquet in the hands is comfortable, but the design may be too heavy. The easiest way to collect the bouquet with a decorative ribbon. Make small flowers from the beautiful bouquet, based on their taste and preferences of the bride. Trim the stems to the desired length and wrap them with tape. It will securely hold a bouquet and will minimize the risk to get dirty. Bouquet of wiry build. In this case, the stems are cut off completely and the flowers attached to the wire using glue and tapes. However, the shorter the rest of the stem, the more leaves and ribbons required to disguise the wire. Or wire is introduced into the stems of the flowers, which makes it possible to bend each stem to give it the desired shape. This way you can create a very unusual bouquet, but its Assembly requires sufficient time and a certain level of skill. But he is durable, unfortunately, will not.
Size is also important. Tall slender bride suits with a bouquet of elongated shape: "drop" or "coupling". But for petite girls it will be too big, bulky. A perfect choice for her would be flowers in portbouquetnice. And the style of dress should be considered. Extra-large bouquets are a good to a long dress with a fluffy skirt. For short dresses you should choose a small bouquet round shape.
Now pick a color. The bouquet can be both monochrome and to make a composition of flowers of different shades. White flowers - a win-win option for any type of appearance of the bride, dresses for any season and lighting. However, you can try to complement a bouquet of flowers cream, pink. Good will and red flowers and even, for example, purple. However, the bouquet should not consist entirely of colors of dark shades. Also remember that bouquet too saturated colors, for example Burgundy, more appropriate for adult ladies. For young ladies suitable bouquet in bright colours.