You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver.
If you know the password and want to remove it, then turn on the computer and open BIOS menu. When working from a stationary PC to do this, press Delete, and in the case of a laptop – F2. When you use some models of mobile computers, you press another function key.
Enter the passwordto access the settings of BIOS menu. In the main window, click Change Password. Fill in the first column, entering her old password. The other two fields blank. Press Enter and confirm disabling the password. Highlight Save & Exit and press the Enter key.
If you don't know the password, reset the BIOS settings by mechanical means. If you are dealing with a desktop computer, unplug it from the mains. Remove the left cover of the system unit and find sibabrata the battery. Remove it from the slot. Using a screwdriver or other metallic object close contacts that fit the battery. It is necessary to use the factory settings of BIOS menu.
In the case of laptop a bit more complicated. Flip the mobile computer and Unscrew all the necessary screws. Remove the lid of the laptop and find BIOS battery. Perform the manipulations described in the previous step. Some manufacturers of mobile computers provide for quick resetting. Locate the connectors labeled CMOS. Remove the jumper and move it. Sometimes you just need to remove the jumper. Move the jumper to its original position.
On some motherboards has a button to Reset CMOS. Just click it and hold 5-10 seconds. Collect mobile PC by connecting all the necessary cables. Turn on the laptop and verify the password when entering BIOS menu.