If you decide to do ballet, do not forget about the unpleasant aspects of this profession associated with health problems. Although every business has its pros and cons.
Learn to dance on Pointe can be almost any age. In order to begin, you need to master the basic positions of ballet without Pointe shoes. Basic positions only five, but based on them are based all subsequent steps. So, first learn the basics of choreography. At the same time engage in additional training of the legs. Pump up the back muscles as main load during the dance will go on the back.
After the basics of choreography you obeyed, and you've sufficiently trained the legs and back, proceed directly to the preparation of dancing on Pointe. To do this, do some balance training. Learn to maintain a balance on their fingertips. Do this 2-3 beat to start. Try to balance in different poses.
Next, stand in first position, rise on tiptoe. Careful bending of the legs perpendicular to the floor. Same thing try to do each leg separately.
As another exercises to prepare for dancing on Pointe shoes sit, pulling his legs together. Try to move your feet, then toes and straining your other leg. Should work just the foot.
Before dancing on Pointe very well mash the feet and always make sure that the leg is strictly perpendicular to the floor. Otherwise you will have problems with balance, back and feet.
Don't rush, remember that the better you prepare for the next step, the easier you get and the faster you can begin mastering the following. The rush will inevitably lead to injury, disappointment. Therefore, the target the result, not the speed of its achievements.