You will need
  • money.
  • - the passport;
  • - the package of necessary documents.
Select the country in which you would like to live. Remember that some places may look very attractive while you are on vacation, and at the same time be very difficult as a permanent place of residence. For example, in Thailand, is a long rainy season, and the coast of Bulgaria in winter turns into a dank deserted place, where frequent storms and fogs.
Study the migratory legislation of the interested countries. Many of them may not be immigration or visa program that will suit you. And to move to another country, being there in the position of the illegals, few would want to. Some countries invite talented professionals, others are laborers, still others are willing to serve as a haven for pensioners, the fourth waiting with open arms only to those who invest in the economy of the country several hundred thousand dollars.
Think about where you will live. Examine the price of housing and its quality. Not all countries allow the purchase of real estate to foreigners, especially if we are talking about land acquisition. As a rule, this prohibition can be circumvented by buying housing and land to a shell company, which will register you for specialized firms. You will be the owner of the company which exists only on paper, and the firm will own housing or land. This method is often practiced in countries such as Croatia. In the end, you can live in a rented house, and even in a cheap hotel, but this question is better to think in advance.
Find a source of income. There are three main options. If you have a large Bank Deposit, remained flat for rent or share in the running business, you can rely on the rental income. In addition, you can have the remote work through the Internet. Both of these options give you a wide range of countries of emigration - because you do not have to depend on local labor laws. If you decide to look for a job on the spot, you will have to get a permit. Typically, it is relatively easy to students after completing training abroad, and it is difficult for everyone else. Best case - if you are invited a foreign company, she will issue you a work permit. Otherwise - great site of the Consulate on how to obtain a work visa.
Now you have decided which country and for what money you will have to live. To move to live in another country, you have to apply to her Embassy and wait for a positive decision. As soon as a residence permit (it can be a long-term visa or residence permit) in your pocket, buy a ticket and visit the country of their dreams.