You will need
  • Music dance
  • Information in books or on the Internet
The name of the dance will depend on many factors. One of them is the dancers. If the dance is a children's team, in the name of the dance can be diminutive suffixes, or the names of toys. If the dance uses additional equipment, most just the name - "Dance to anything".
If the dance is choreographed for professional dancers, in this case can be called a dance word in a foreign language, perhaps as one of the main types used the style of the dance.
Also, when choosing names you should start from and the costumes are superb dancers. After all, if costumes, such as historical, it can be called the dance of the same name, in those days, when dancing in these costumes.
Another method - can be called the dance is completely the opposite of the word to make unpredictable dance-joke, when the audience is waiting for one character performances, and their attention is quite another. The effect can be striking.
In any case, the name of the dance is a complex task. And maybe it makes sense to define the name of the dance brainstorm artists, and then choose the best title.