Advice 1: How to call a dance

Dance is music of the soul. You can dance anywhere and under anything. This release of emotions, good mood. And if you dance to the same Kostomarova, it looks great. Dances could be put in professional groups and in regular dance clubs, and even kindergartens and schools.
The legs themselves start to dance!
You will need
  • Music dance
  • Information in books or on the Internet
The name of the dance will depend on many factors. One of them is the dancers. If the dance is a children's team, in the name of the dance can be diminutive suffixes, or the names of toys. If the dance uses additional equipment, most just the name - "Dance to anything".
If the dance is choreographed for professional dancers, in this case can be called a dance word in a foreign language, perhaps as one of the main types used the style of the dance.
Also, when choosing names you should start from and the costumes are superb dancers. After all, if costumes, such as historical, it can be called the dance of the same name, in those days, when dancing in these costumes.
Another method - can be called the dance is completely the opposite of the word to make unpredictable dance-joke, when the audience is waiting for one character performances, and their attention is quite another. The effect can be striking.
In any case, the name of the dance is a complex task. And maybe it makes sense to define the name of the dance brainstorm artists, and then choose the best title.

Advice 2: As to the name of the school

In Moscow and other large Russian cities there are many public and private schools, General and special, or offer to study English, music or even acrobatics. How to make your school said? How to stand out from the masses? To come up with an original name.
As to the name of the school
Develop a name for your company, institution or product (naming) - a service provided by professionals with linguistic education or advertising agencies. It seems that to come up with a good "sell" your services or products name is easy, but not always so. Many are turning to the experts who will conduct marketing research, determine, as may be referred to your service or product, test a few names on the task force and only after that will define him completely. If you need to call the school, it is best to contact the experts, as competition in the educational market is big, and the name - part of the image, "brand" school.
Good naming can be expensive - from 15000 rubles. If you decide to come up with a name for the school themselves, use the algorithm of development of names, which is used by the couple:

1. decide the type of educational services you plan to provide;

2. determine your target audience;

3. think of a few names that reflect the essence of educational services provided by your school and are liked and remembered by your target audience;

4. check your search engines - there are no schools with such names in your city?

5. if you have an opportunity, invite your target audiences to evaluate the invented names with regard to their opinions select one specific title.
In itself, the original name is not going to help you attract crowds of customers to his school, but a school with a good memory and causing positive emotions the title is always "hearing". Therefore, the name should not be bland, or similar to others. However, too flashy of names the school is also to give is not: still school, not a cafe.
The title should reflect what you do, in other words, what services are provided. Obviously, school sports perfect one name, the specialized linguistic - is quite another. The name must be associated with a form provided by the school services.
There are schools for children, teenagers and adults. The first General average. A school chooses, of course, not a child, and his parents. Therefore the title should remain in their memory. Of course, parents are different demands and incomes. An elite school is better to think of a more catchy, emphasizing its exclusivity. Common, inexpensive, albeit very good, on the contrary should not be called too flashy, as some parents can be mistaken for the elite and think that you will not be able to pay for the education of the child in her.
For teenagers there are many types of schools. This and the high schools, and sports schools, and artistic. A teenager, as a rule, chooses the school with their parents, so the title should be "family". In addition, it should reflect the nature of the school. About as is the case with the schools for adults - school of business, the study of romance languages or marketing must be named so as not to introduce potential clients to confusion about the services.
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