This playful piece is so simple that play it may not even be trained in music. It is much easier to learn the position of notes than their name. Therefore, the performance focuses on the black keys. They are groups of two or three notes.
Locate the group of two black keys (that's "C sharp" and "d-sharp"). Click first the top (right), then the lower note of the pair, then the lower of the three keys on the left ("f-sharp"). These three notes have the same duration, and after the third pause.
Press the keys one at a time, from the topmost to the bottommost
Simultaneously hold down the top button and the bottom of the three buttons in the panel on the right. This pair play twice. For convenience and General education can remember the names of these notes: "a-sharp" and "f-sharp". Repeat both (of the three notes and two pairs).
How to learn to play
The third phrase begins the same as the first two or three black keys and a pair of "La-sharp - f-sharp". On the left hand just below the "d sharp" (the group of two black keys), again, repeat a couple of the black keys. Go down the left hand still on the level below ("C sharp"). Then instead of a couple "a-sharp - f-sharp" double play couple "C" (right bottom) – "f" (to the left of the top black key).
How to learn to play
Further, the left hand plays an ascending passage: "C sharp", "re-sharp". After each note is executed a couple of notes on white keys. The final phrase – "f-sharp" left hand and twice repeating pair of notes "a-sharp - f-sharp" (as in the beginning).
If you know musical notation, then, in addition to tips and step-by-step instructions, use the enclosed notes of the piece. The piece is written on one stave, without splitting the left and right hands, but on your own you can split the party.
How to learn to play