So you have a series of three black keys of the piano. From left to right each of them is first, second, third. White key of the piano near the third or fourth. To the left series of two black keys fifth and sixth. White key to the next black key (the first of three) seventh, itself a black – eighth. To be precise, the names of the listed notes – f sharp, g sharp, La sharp, C, C sharp, d-sharp, f, f sharp (repeat). Every sound has the same temporal length (duration) is eighth. No music for one duration, note number 0. At the same time down two or more notes are enclosed in brackets.
Play the first link ringtones according to the following scheme: 6-5-1-0-(3+8)-(3+8)-0. Repeat.
The following link: 6-5-1-0-(3+8)-(-1)-0-(3+8)-(-2)-0-(4+7) -(4+7)-0. Note (-1) and (-2) correspond to notes 6 and 5, only the left (one octave below).
Further: 6-5-(-2)-0-(4+7)-(4+7)-0 – repeat twice.
The final link: 6-5-(-2)-0-(4+7)-(-1)-0-(4+7)-1-0-(3+8)-(3+8)