In advance, prepare and distribute to all guests invitations. They must be given the exact address of your new home, then invited will be easier for you to find, and you don't have to give directions over the phone.
If you want to host your own party, you don't need to wait until the house is in perfect form. Check-in is not repaired the new apartment is not a reason to delay with the housewarming. The lack of comfort can be compensated skillfully created a fun atmosphere.
Good table for a housewarming is the first step to live in the new house happily ever after. You can do without the white tablecloths, crystal, porcelain, and intricate dishes. The only essential attribute of a table should be large novoselky loaf - a symbol of prosperity and wealth in the house. Prepare for the guests light snacks, fruit, sweets and alcoholic drinks.
Walls and doors in the apartment decorate humorous inscriptions. Much to beautify and decorate the home is not necessary. A few fun floral arrangements and balloons will be enough.
Think about the scenario. It must be time for a feast of fun celebrations, dances and gifts. Prostrate the overall storyline. For example, you can throughout the evening to resume the construction of their home. Start with a Foundation, such Foundation will be rich. Then brick by brick to build the wall. These bricks in your celebration will become gifts to friends. The roof of your fun will be games and contests. They can be dedicated to the main topic of the celebration.
It is important that your housewarming was cheerful, bright and carefree. Be sure to pick up the musical accompaniment for the occasion. Fun housewarming party is not only a feast, but contests that involve all the guests. Options can be very different: dancing with closed eyes, reading the tongue twisters, MIME and others.