Practical tips

Execute all documents necessary for the move, then to not be "excruciatingly painful" for his carelessness.
Disassemble all things. Think about whether or not all "acquired by overwork" to bring in new happy life. Usually ¼ of all of the belongings you can safely throw out or donate more to the needy.

The remaining after the audit, things Packed in a box. Each number and make a registry – a list of the contents on paper or in Excel: the number of the box – a list of things. Do not write on the packaging of anything except numbers. It is very inconvenient.

Things begin to pack for 3-4 days before the scheduled move. Lay them as close as possible. Clothes and shoes can be placed in suitcases and bags for travel. Everything else lay on the boxes and how to pack. Fold first the ones you least need it, and in the least things of the first necessity. These include 2-3 pots, pans, Cutlery, towels, bedding and underwear, toiletries.

The furniture and carpets tidy – clean, vacuum, wash. Don't bring old dirt to the new location.

Prepare a new apartment to move. Embed the locks (if required) at the door, check the plumbing, Windows, ventilation, electrical wiring. Consider how you will place the furniture, boxes where you define sleeping space for all family members. This is especially important if there is no opportunity at first to put everything in complete order, and only then move in.

Rituals for moving to a new apartment

In the old days moving into a new house accompanied by many different rituals and customs. Most of them are forgotten or lost their original meaning. So many people know that the first home run of the rooster or a cat. But why, is unclear. From this come up with another modern ritual – to put in a new apartment, the toy cat and then go for yourself. In fact, this custom is associated with the security of a new home. The animal ran and left overnight. The first night the cat, the second cock, then a sheep, a cow, a horse. And only on the seventh day, if the animals are all safely stopped and the owners themselves.

The second ancient tradition which is used today – the ferry house. House – Keeper of your hearth and well-being in the house. With him we should be friends and get along. "Brownie! Brownie! Come with me to live!". Paste it in boots, on the broom or the shovel. Today you can do it in a box with soft things. And it should be released in the first house, placing the box in the apartment and depart for 15 minutes.

Another ritual for newcomers upon arrival at a new place to symbolically announce his move. To do this, open all the Windows in the apartment, turn in all areas of light, drained from all the taps and toilet a certain amount of water. This way you "start" the mechanism of life a new home and at the same time check serviceability of all systems.

But the most important habit – it is a housewarming party. On this holiday you can call all relatives, friends and new neighbors. The happy atmosphere and wishes of good and happiness in a new place will create a favorable aura in the apartment.