So, after you choose the day of the move, you need to decide the time. It is desirable that this occurred in the morning from nine to eleven o'clock. From the day of the week of your move also depends on your future well-being. If the move happens Monday, it helps get rid of nightmares and good physical health; Tuesday – intellectual growth; Wednesday – life is full of passion; on Thursday – will be rich; Friday – to success in Affairs and love. If the moving day falls on a weekend, you will succeed in business.
In a new home and need to transport the soul of your old house. The soul of the house that protects all the occupants from evil spirits, is house. Here it is and you need to take with you, don't leave it at the old place of residence. To do this, sweep the old home the old broom, take him to a new home and get out of this broom, after which it need to burn. If your house is a broom, then you can carry a brownie in a box of old things - it can be pieces of cloth or old clothes. Put the box with things on the verge of the old housing for 10-15 minutes and after all other things are made, take this box (it's already moved house) to a new apartment.
Popular superstition says that the first needs to cross the threshold of the new apartments is not the owner and the cat. In this case the animal must be black and have a calm and gentle disposition that may be somewhat more difficult task. Cat rent is absolutely not suitable for this purpose, it must be your animal.
Right at the entrance to the new housing swipe wet cleaning. This will not only help get rid of debris and dust, but also to neutralize negative energy. Open all the Windows wide open - fresh air will fill your room. Turn on the water faucet in the kitchen and in the bathroom even for a few minutes. Water and air will also help to clean the house from bad energy and negativity that may have accumulated during the residence of the old masters. Turn on lamps and light candles, turn on your favorite relaxing music. These sounds will attract all your positive energy.
Once a cat will gradually develops, the house will leave a box of things Windows and floors Shine with cleanliness – do not just unpack and begin to repair. Popular superstition says that you need immediately to celebrate a housewarming party with the closest people. Otherwise the house might think that the owners are very stingy, hurt, and move into another house. Here, perhaps, and all - you can start a new life in their new home.