To get started, you should become familiar with basic corporate rules are available on the official website of the company L'etoile. It would do well to read the history of the creation of the brand, the rules of the relevant stock and addresses the main shops.
On the official website you need to find the page "Careers", then "Jobs". After that, the system will prompt you to choose your town or city for the desired work. This must be done in order to make sure you know whether the desired position in the selected city or it is only in other cities.
Need to know what stores L'etoile invited to work in their friendly close-knit team only citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to work in the stores.
Rely on these salaries: sales on average will receive 32700 R. in a month, a cashier at an average of 25000. There is a nice bonus is that the entire income of the official, the registration will be carried out in the workbook.
To apply the applicant to work in two ways: directly on the website of the company located phone numbers, calling the number of the chosen city, you sign up for an interview. For example, for the city of Moscow the actual numbers are: (495)980-98-36, (495)937-07-29, 8-916-690-73-65. The website will specify the exact address, plus you can call in to ask your questions. The second method is to send your CV to email address, then employee will contact you by phone, indicated in the text of your letter.
The company will offer the following conditions: training at the expense of the company, getting nice discounts for employees on products, company, fast career growth, unlimited opportunity to earn, registration by the labour code, provide a full benefits package, with a convenient schedule at the store near my house.
To work as a sales assistant, you must meet the necessary requirements: you must have a proactive attitude, pleasant appearance (you–) good stress-resistance, high performance and good memory, you should be a citizen of the Russian Federation or Belarus, you must be over 18 years of age, but experience is not required. You will advise clients, sell them cosmetics and perfumes, will be working with a cash register, deal with merchandise, maintain a clean work environment.
If you desire to get a cashier you must meet the following requirements: 18 years of age, citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus, experience desirable. Your job will be to cash, cash register with plastic Bank cards, discount cards, "L'etoile", the maintenance of cash books.
If you want to be a storekeeper in the store, you need to be an adult grajdaninom of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus. While work experience is not mandatory. You will need to accept the goods, work with invoices, quality control and bar coding of the goods.