When you can ask on vacation

According to the Labor code – the Code of labour laws, in force until 2002, on paid leave for a new job you can leave no sooner than after 11 months. Before this time, neither the holiday nor its part to provide was not supposed to. In article 122 of the Labor Code States that entitlement to leave during the first year of continuous employment at the new location arises at the worker after 6 months.

But this does not mean that he put a full four weeks vacation – in this case he can count only 2 paid weeks. In addition, the resulting from the employee's entitlement to leave is not for the employer the reason why he should implicitly to provide it. In the case where you do not belong to one of the categories of workers entitled to leave when they need to get it you will be able in accordance with the vacation schedule.
In some cases, by agreement of the parties the employer can provide you with the requested vacation before allotted six-month period.

This schedule, the drafting of which is governed by article 123 of the labour code is mandatory as workers and employers. It is compiled at the end of the calendar year, but in that case, when you started his career after he was drafted and approved, about his desire to go on vacation you have to warn in advance, so the schedule was adjusted.
In the case of dismissal the employee, not having a continuous six-month experience in the enterprise, are entitled to compensation for unused vacation. In granting the leave, the employer has the right to refuse.

Who should leave immediately write statements

When applying for a new job, even in the case when less than six months, to paid leave are some of the categories of workers that are, for example:
- women in pregnancy before you go on leave for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as those who already is in a vacation and wants to extend it through labor;
- minors employees under the age of 18 years;
- the adoptive parents of a child who is not yet 3 months;
- working retirees with the title of "Veteran of labour";
- other categories of workers who provide vacation out of turn should be in accordance with Federal law.