You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - photograph/video;
  • - relative/friend who does not like your appearance;
  • - heart poignant story.
Write the story of your life, where you put the emphasis on failure that befell you because of the absurd/weird/outdated appearance. The producers of the show, who select the stories, you need to surprise, move and amuse the audience. The role of Parsley to serve you.
Take a few photos in different moments of life. For example, as you look at home as go to the store, how to dress for work. Definitely (especially if you have not arranged personal life) take a photo look for a date or a trip to the theatre.
Record a video of you doing something. For example, going to work. Before it is better not wash a few days, the head, tighten the hair in a ponytail or braid a few braids, dragging their old rubber bands. Clothes pick up is pretty ridiculous (to the maximum combined incongruous: colors, styles, fabric).
Find a stylish friend or relative. Let (s) he will also record the treatment on camera, where they will tell you pre-written history in your option. The voice should be heard genuine outrage that so beautiful a woman "spoiled" is ridiculous. Do a few takes – this video is the main.
Let the friend/relative will rewrite your story from your name. The producers like to pretend that they are addressed "to bypass" the main characters. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything to your participation in the filing that no one can see.
Go to the website of STS. Select the tab "Projects". The alphabetical list, locate "Remove it immediately" and go to the program page. It contains e-mail, which is necessary to send the request.
All the materials will move to the computer. The best video archive to make it take up less space. In the name of the archive select "Video...", "Live To work". Please also attach a story written by a friend/relative, and your photos.
A letter send with mail the person on whose behalf the application is filed to accept you as a member. The data, in addition to the story that it is necessary to specify in the application: name, patronymic, surname (your); city; phone (yours and other); email address (and your friend). A good transformation!