You will need
  • torch, flux, solder, brass
For soldering the small parts use a soldering iron with a small tip or use a small gas burner, the more so for its filling requires a standard gas spray, and the price ratio of cost of effort and equipment in relation to the quality of the work, is in the positive sector.
Buy solder (here it is desirable to find a refractory solder (t 240 degrees) stamps PSR2, PSR2,5), or buy a special paste (which is much more expensive), buy flux.
Carefully clean the solder surface from grease, dirt and oxidants, the connection definitely miss flux, place a piece of solder.
Before soldering, consider a system of clamps, clamp the soldered parts and heat them thoroughly edge, then put the items on a sheet of asbestos and a powerful flame of a gas burner start up the heating, it is necessary to remember that the welded spot must be cooled down and then treated with sandpaper.
In addition, for soldering silver can be used solders with lower silver content, but in any case it must contain Ag. Remember that in any of the workshops without your permission no one has the right to adhesions of silver to use tin or other low temperature solders, this is only possible with your permission. Further, if the master again at this point would be to use high temperature solders, then your silver chain can simply burn out.
What to do if you have stores not sold the flux? Make it at home. Take borax and pour it into a glass dish. Pour the borax water and using the water bath heat the bottle. The resulting mixture is gradually cooled, and the resulting crystals grind in a mortar. All the flux is ready for use.