You will need
  • - a computer with a browser.
To increase scale in the browser Mozilla Firefox, use Ctrl and scroll wheel on the mouse. Scrolling forward increases the scale, and back decreases it. Also variants with simultaneous pressing Ctrl and + and decrease, respectively, using a combination of Ctrl and -. If you want to restore the initial scale of the page, use Ctrl+0. Basically, this sequence is also characteristic for the browsers Safari, Internet Explorer and so on.
To control the font size in the browser, navigate to the appearance settings Mozilla Firefox. This is done using the menu item "Settings". In the case that by increasing the scaleand or increase the font in Mozilla Firefox you still inconvenient to browse the web pages, adjust the font smoothing. This is done in the menu settings and menu Board appearance of the operating system when clicking properties in the context menu of the desktop.
In case you are not satisfied with not only the size of the letters the web page, but the browser menu, make sure that you have the appropriate permission to monitor. To change it you can in the menu appearance settings in the properties of the desktop by clicking the right mouse button.
If the font is too small, set a lower resolution value of the monitor, observing the proportion of its sides. If you need to adjust the font size for each element of the operating system, use the "Advanced" button in this menu.
Using drop down lists to configure specific settings for the elements at your discretion have a small font size. After that apply and save changes.