Advice 1: How to cook beef

Seemed that can be easier than cooking beef? Many Housewives believe that simply throw the meat in water and boil it until it becomes soft. However, cook the beef, however, like beef broth, you need to know.
How to cook beef
You will need
    • 1 kg of beef;
    • 1.5 liters of water;
    • vegetables (onion
    • carrots
    • celery
    • potatoes);
    • black pepper;
    • Bay leaf;
    • salt.
There are two ways of cooking beef. If you want to get rich and flavorful broth, put the beef in cold water and place the pot over high heat. In this case the broth will move more soluble proteins, aromatic substances and mineral salts. If more important to you to cook the delicious meat, beef should be placed in boiling water. In both cases, the water should only slightly to cover the meat. Also allowed, to the meat was completely covered. In the first 15 minutes of the boil about a third of the liquid contained in the meat that goes into the broth. Therefore, the meat will still be smaller, and more broth.
After boiling, cover pot and reduce heat to low. This slow boiling will prevent the emulsification of fat from the broth may appear too greasy taste. Most Housewives used to remove formed in the first minutes of cooking the meat foam. However, do not do this. This foam is a protein used by that have fallen from the meat in the broth. So removing the foam reduces the nutritional properties of the broth. Don't worry, the foam will float in the finished broth. In the process of cooking it will disappear.
Cooking time for beef varies depending on age and fatness of the cow. The meat of a young animal is usually cooked for 40-60 minutes, old meat animal – 2-2. 5 hours. The willingness of the beef you can check with a fork. Pierce the meat at its thickest point. If the fork went into the meat without effort and from the place of puncture was not allocated a reddish juice, boiled beef is ready. Salt beef should be at the end of cooking – about 10 minutes before end of cooking. But if your main goal is a rich and flavorful broth, add salt at the beginning of cooking. After turning off the fire, do not remove the lid of the saucepan, give the meat about 10 minutes to infuse.
Useful advice
Cooked meat and beef broth will be more delicious if after the disappearance of foam you put in the water the peeled vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, potatoes) and seasonings (black pepper, Bay leaf). Vegetables it is better to not lay the pieces, as a whole.

Advice 2 : How to cook beef

Beef is young, old, frozen, steamroom. These adjectives determine the amount of time that must be expended to prepare a wholesome and tasty dish.
Beef is a useful low-calorie meat
Meat of bovine animals, under one year of age is called beef. This is a tasty, low-calorie (only 254 calories per 100 g of product) and very useful meat, if properly prepared. In order to evenly cook it, be cut into pieces weighing less than a pound.

Young steam beef

The meat is boiled only half an hour. Steam call beef, not exposed to freezing and got to the counter not more than 12 hours after slaughter. It is possible to define specific milky smell, high humidity and elasticity. Color on cross cut a piece of bright red, juicy, fat, white or creamy-white and elastic. It's almost veal, which is very useful for children and the elderly, so do not spoil this excess product heat treatment.

Young frozen beef

To store fresh meat longer than 12 hours at a temperature of about 20 degrees is impossible. It can deteriorate. Among lesozagotovitel is believed that the carcass after slaughter should be at least two weeks, "lie down" in the freezer for the meat softer. In spite of this, cooking time is increased after freezing. Young frozen beef should cook after boiling for at least one hour.

Old steam beef

The older cow has dark red meat and yellow fat. Purchasing a beef, you have to make sure it's fresh. It is enough to smell it and press your finger on the cross-section of the piece. If the smell does not cause unpleasant associations, and the shape comes back for 2-3 minutes, then that cow or bull scored less than 12 hours ago and not freeze-thawed prior to sale. The meat is cooked about an hour.

Frozen beef

Thawed meat should gradually. You can use the microwave or just put in 6 hours at room temperature. You need to cook in salted water for a couple of hours. Before boiling, remove the foam, then reduce heat and cover.

To cook meat you not only in a simple pot. Often used a pressure cooker and a slow cooker in which the products are subjected to heat treatment under pressure. Therefore, the cooking time is greatly reduced. In such household appliances beef is cooked between 30 minutes and one hour. In a microwave oven this process to last about an hour. However, in this case, you should consider the quality and condition of beef.
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