Where can you get such maps? At this point in time in many navigation systems is software Navitel. So, for him, you need to look for cards. If you have Navigator installed another program, will review and write down its name. Can be viewed in the browser or in a document that is attached to the device.
Go to the official website of the software vendor. It is enough in the search engine to type the name, which is written in the program. Let's say you have the program Navitel. Go to the official website. Next, click on the button "Download". Use this option to download the various files. Available download software ( usually the updates or new programs) and maps for any region.
As a rule, all the cards are divided into cities and regions. Choose the desired card and click on the button "Download". The download may take several hours, especially if you have low speed Internet connection. Once the download is complete, you need to connect your device to a personal computer using a special cable. He was supposed to be provided along with the Navigator in the box. Also do not forget that the first cord is connected to the navigation device, and then to a personal computer.
Go to file Manager of your device. For this you can use the built-in "Explorer" on a personal computer. There find the folder called maps. It contains all the cards that are available for use in Pathfinder. Copy in this folder all files which are uploaded on the website. Remove the device and try the operation Navigator with new maps.