You will need
  • - analyzed word;
  • linguistic dictionary or textbook.
In determining feminine nouns inanimate are aware that they have endings in the nominative singular -a, -I (wall, vent) and zero if the noun ends in a soft sign (rye). For animate nouns the defining characteristic is their belonging to the female creatures (girl, cat). Not to be confused at the end of nouns, feminine and masculine, the substitute to check the pronouns "she's mine". For example, the song (she's mine).
Identify masculine nouns after the initial form: zero words ending in a consonant (house, table), -a, -I – animate nouns naming male beings (uncle Serge). Not to confuse the gender of a noun ending in a soft sign also the substitute for check the pronouns "he, my" (stump, day).
Neuter noun endings determine the initial shape -Oh, and with the substitution of the pronouns "my" (field window). Please note that the group razrastaniami nouns ending in the combination -mn also refers to the average genus (tribe, seed, etc.). Among neuter nouns, there is almost no animate, their number is very small (child, creature, animal).
Among nouns there are several special groups, the definition of the kind of which hampered. These include common gender nouns, and indeclinable words slozhnosmeshannye.
Correlate values of common nouns kind with their belonging to animate objects, female or male. For example, the girl-slut (female gender), boy-squirt (masculine). To nouns common kind include those which represent qualities of people (eater, ignorant, crybaby) or the designation of persons in the profession, job, occupation (architect Ivanov – architect Ivanov).
Keep in mind that the gender of undeclined nouns linked to animacy / naturalenergy, specific / generic term. From animate indeclinable nouns define the genus as belonging to the floor (sir, miss). Nouns that give the names of animals, birds, are masculine (ponies, kangaroos, cockatoos). Inanimate usually belong to the middle rod (coat, scarf). Exceptions are words, a genus which is defined by Association with generic names: kohlrabi – cabbage (female), Hindi – language (masculine), etc.
To determine the kind of indeclinable proper names of nouns denoting geographical names, pick the generic term (lake, city, river, desert, etc.). For example, the city of Rio de Janeiro (masculine), Gobi desert (feminine).
Rod slozhnosochinennyh words (acronyms) define the nature of lead, the words "deciphered" combinations: UN – United Nations, leading the word "organization" (feminine).