For the highest speed connection with the game server reduce to zero the number of programs that access the network simultaneously with a gaming application. Disable download managers, torrents and instant messengers and browsers. How close the apps that are open and those that are in the tray. Monitor off using task Manager. Run it and open the processes tab. Then end processes associated with the closed programs. In addition, disable the processes that have in their title the word update - in the moment they download the updates.
Minimize the load on the CPU by disabling the maximum number of programs that are not needed at the moment. It often happens that the overloaded processor is the cause of high ping. Disable programs in the background and not necessary at this time. Act like the previous step: closing the app, control the shutdown using task Manager. In addition, configure your operating system towards the greatest performance. Disable graphical effects, if necessary, close Explorer using task Manager.
Along with the above factors, often the cause of high ping are the used video settings in the game that are too high. To optimize ping reduce them to a minimum, and then gradually increase. Pay special attention to the "advanced" tab in preferences - the most demanding of them, as a rule, are there. Unplug them completely and then install the lowest resolution, and gradually increase them until you start the first problems with the performance. After that, return the last normal working configuration and use that profile for the game.