The Church says that to visit the cemetery and the burial is possible and necessary to all people, even pregnant women. It is believed that people who do not forget their loved ones, receive blessings from God. But, of course, it should be done only if you have the desire. Pregnant women are not recommended to go to the cemetery, if health is not good. Especially if it's early pregnancy. But specific prohibitions on this account the Church is not.

Perhaps the view that the cemetery to visit pregnant women are prohibited is a simple superstition. However, we should not forget that during the funeral of a woman experiencing a lot of negative emotions and tension which can affect not only her health but also the health of the baby. Any stress during pregnancy – the cause of possible future ailments and diseases. This is one of the explanations why pregnant women should not visit the cemetery. Of course, if women have a need to go to the funeral of a loved one, and she is willing to restrain their emotions, it is not prohibited.

The second reason why pregnant women are advised not to visit the cemetery and the funeral, is a well-established superstition that is associated with the existence of the human aura. She disappears immediately after his death, and only after some time. It is believed that before his disappearance, these auras are at cemeteries in the form of essential entities that are able to affect living objects, which is not always positive. The most susceptible to this influence are children, much less born. Therefore, pregnant women, and especially those who believe in magic and supernatural life, must beware of the visits to the place of burial or funeral visits. You need to consider the fact that during pregnancy, women have greatly increased suspiciousness, with the result that they can adjust themselves to the negative mood.