You will need
  • - brusok for sharpening of cutting tools or abrasive paste;
  • - leather belt.
There are many tools for sharpening razors. Often the blade turned a water stone, which is ideal for softness to brittle steel cutting edge. Before sharpening it is necessary to moisten with water. It is important to have a sufficiently large abrasive surface in order to provide a better razor glide and preservation of its permanent contact with the bar. Only then the sharpening angle will be the same over the entire area of the blade.
Blade proslejivaetsya the whole surface of the abrasive stone during grinding must be lubricated regularly. The cutting edge should be held a sharp edge forward. Pressing force should be minimal and uniform, to avoid the appearance of chips, cracks and not sharpened areas. The razor have to run in the stone along. Reaching the edge, the razor is turned upside down and pressed to the bar the same way.
To deliver a better and more accurate sharpening uses a kind of honing sticks. They have a soft surface and are less graininess than conventional abrasive. These properties allow you to make a very sharp razor. As a rule, the basis of such a block on diamond powder, however, there are ceramic whetstones, which are very rare.
To understand exactly what the blade is sharpened, you can just try to shave. You can also use the microscope, which will help to consider in more detail the shaver surface. This is a good way to identify tiny chips, bumps, and fix them. If the shaver resharpened, you can break it by making a "back-honing". It is a process by which the razor is fixed, and it is carried out several times abrasive surface.