Advice 1: How to format hard drive without data loss

Operating system all Windows versions has a built-in utility Convert.exe allowing the procedure for formatting the hard disk without losing stored data.
How to format hard drive without data loss
Check to be formatting the hard drive. To do this, access the main menu system by pressing the "start" button and open "All programs." Open the link to "Standard" and run the application "Windows Explorer".
Open the shortcut menu for the selected volume, click the right mouse button. Select "Properties". Use the tools tab in the dialog box, and select "inspect". Mark the checkboxes for the fields "Automatically fix file system errors" and "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" in the dialog window parameters and confirm the execution of the selected action, using the "Start"button.
Wait until the disk check and restart the computer. Return to the main menu system start and open the Run dialog for initiation of the procedure of formatting the desired volume. Type cmd in the Open box, and run the utility command line by using the button OK.
Type in cd C:WindowsSystem32 in the text box, the command interpreter Windows and save the changes by pressing the function key Enter. Type the following command at the command prompt имя_диска_подлежащего_форматированию convert:/fs:ntfs and confirm the execution of the selected action by pressing the Enter key.
Please note that formatting a volume without data loss is possible only when you change file system from FAT to NTFS. The reverse conversion will lead to the destruction of stored information.
It is recommended to backup the data to removable media to restore information in case of problems caused by interruptions in the power supply. Also it is recommended to close all running apps and shut down all open Windows programs before beginning the procedure format the selected hard drive.

Advice 2: How to recover hard disk without formatting

During long period of operation of the computer could damage the hard disk. Accordingly, almost always disappears information. However, this problem is solved by many ways. First of all, you need to adhere to certain operations that can make even an inexperienced user.
How to recover hard disk without formatting
You will need
  • Personal computer, Acronis True Image 8.0
There is a great multifunctional Acronis True Image 8.0. It performs not only data backup but also allows you to restore the hard disk. If you have backup software to do everything can be very fast. Start your computer with diska, which was created earlier. You will see the window True Image. Select "Wizard recovery . Select in the program the location of your image in order to restore it. For Example, E:Imagew2k_admin_05-01-13.tib. Set recovery type, that is, specify "Active". Then click the button "Next". Can change at will the size of the restored data. Specify how many sections you are ready to return. Then click the tab "Start".
Can use for recovery FindNTFS. It is even used in cases when it is not loaded itself to Windows. In order to use this program, download diskthis DOS. It must be written FindNTFS. To get a list of what you want to restore in command prompt type the command "FINDNTFS # 1 1 1 c:recoverlog.txt files" instead of "#" character put number drive. If the hard drive on the computer is one, and the number will be "1". When the program will give you the search results, select the one you want to restore. Remember their numbers. In order to return the information, click "copy". Make sure that you have on diske in folder enough space to restore.
Great program to search for lost files and recovery is TestDisk. Version suitable for DOS, and Linux. Works with FAT partitions; NTFS. Run the program on the computer. You will see a list of available diskagents. You must specify the driveyou wish to recover. Select "analyze". A list will appear with the existing sections. Press Enter and the search will start. After this process is complete, press again "Enter". Then select the item called "search!". New information on the disc will be recorded if you tap 0write". Next you get a restored system. If the computer is a corrupted boot sector partition, then you need to act differently. Select the tab "advanced" and then "boot". The program "Testdisk" will make a comparison of the boot sector with its copy.

Advice 3: How to format a removable hard disk

All users of personal computers, laptops, etc. will sooner or later face the need for formatting hard disk. The reasons can be varied – from wanting to split a hard disk into partitions before needing to remove malicious virus. But the owners of external hard drives often have to think about the formatting issues at the moment of acquisition of the coveted removable device, because it can be installed not the file system, which requires the existing computer.
How to format a removable hard disk
You will need
  • - removable hard drive you want to format
  • - personal computer with Windows
  • - a Windows installation disc
Make sure the removable hard drive you want to format, no important data. Write down the desired files and folders on the main hard drive of the computer or to external media (CD and DVD discs, usb-stick, etc.).
Remember that after formatting the disk will be completely clean, your data will be unrecoverable.
Check that the removable hard disk connected to the computer. Start the formatting procedure.
To hold it in several ways. Select the one that suits you. But it is better to use them in the following order, moving to the next step only if the previous one for some reason did not succeed.
The first option. Open "My computer" through the start menu or from a shortcut on the desktop. Select the desired disk, click on it right mouse button and select "Format". In the ensuing dialog box, select the required file system, all the settings you can change on your own.
A variant of the second. If in "My computer" is not reflected you need a removable hard disk, try to find it in any other way. Click "start". Locate the "Control Panel", open. Look for the item "administrative tools", then "computer Management". In the ensuing dialog box, in the thread "Storage device" select "Control diskmi. Locate the drive, right click and select "Format...".
The third option. If the previous two methods don't give results, then take any Windows installation disc. Download it and start the reinstall. Normally, the system prompts you to select which hard disk to install and do I need to format the disks. In both questions, select your removable hard drive you want to format. Do not forget to specify the filesystem.
As soon as the formatting process, the computer will reboot. This highlights eject the Windows installation disc. The process is completed.
Useful advice
Define clearly the purposes for which you want to format a removable hard drive. If you bad with computers, then your problem may be far-fetched, but the formatting is unnecessary. In case of doubt, contact specialist.

Advice 4: How to fix hard drive bad sectors

One of the important components of a modern computer is the hard disk drive (HDD) used to store data. It consists of several plates, covered with a special compound where all the information is written to read the data. In recent times, especially in portable computers for information storage uses solid state drives (SSDS) that are collected on usual modules, flash memory.
How to fix hard drive bad sectors

What is the broken sector (Bad sector) HDD and why do they occur?

A computer hard disk consists of many clusters (minimum hard disk partition to store information). It is the Union of these clusters allows you to store hard disk information. In consequence of rewriting, the power off while recording, mechanical and physical wear and tear these clusters gradually begin to fail, thereby forming a broken sector (Bad sector). The increase of these sectors leads to loss of information and failure of the hard drive.

Immediately it should be noted that the treatment of broken sector can not be. Possible just their replacement sectors from the backup area of the disk. Modern hard drives have a modern, built-in SMART controller technology to protect information and eliminate the error area and error by placing them in the Bad-list.

Nevertheless, in order to detect errors on the hard disk and eliminate them much more efficiently using specialized scanners. To work with similar applications, it is desirable from under DOS.

The use of the program Victoria

Victoria – the most common, focused on a wide range of users free utility designed for low-level diagnostics of the disk surface. In the hands of a specialist, this program represents a powerful diagnostic tool to diagnose and repair bad sectors on hard drives SerialATA and IDE. The program combines the capabilities of most of the utilities from the HDD manufacturers and has a huge number of useful features. It should be noted that this utility checks the physical condition of the hard.

To run the program through DOS you need to download the ISO image from the developer's site, then burn it to a disk. Then restart the computer and boot from CD. After starting the program, select the test hard drive and press Enter. To start the tests, press F4. Then in the opened window you need to set "Linear read" and IgnoreBadBlocks and press F4 to start the test. After its completion, the program displays a report that shows the physical disk status.

In case of detection of bad sectors, the program will automatically run the Remap, which will be their replacement on serviceable backup area of the disk.

In conclusion, we must say that if the disk came broken sector, it is necessary to think about creating backups of necessary information.
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