The first estrus, it - postavka happens to dogs at the age of 8-12 months. This age is different and depends on the breed. As a rule, small breed dogs develop and Mature faster. Can happen some deviations from these deadlines, but if the first heat started early 8 months or it is not in 15 months, you should immediately consult a veterinarian.

опредилить что течка у собаки

Even if you intend to breed or just for once to have puppies in the first postavku knit a bitch in any case impossible. The fact that the body is not yet fully formed, early pregnancy and childbirth can do to a young animal damage. In the Russian Federation Cynologique there is no official restriction of the age of first mating. Dogs of small breeds allowed to knit with 15 months of age, medium and large - until 18 months.

Как определить, что у собаки начинаются роды

Estrus usually occurs every 6 months, although there are individuals in whom this process is repeated in 8-9 months or even a year. It is quite normal and even convenient for many owners. If you are going to regularly breed puppies, you do not knit up each chute, the optimal period of rest after giving birth and feeding puppies a year, and after a complicated pregnancy or a cesarean section - at least two years.

наступление течки у кормящей кошки

The duration of postavki - 18-21 day. Deviations of 2-3 days is also acceptable. However, if the heat lasts more than 30 days, hurry up to contact your veterinarian. First postovka is no indication of follow-up. The cycle of the animal can be set for 2-3 chutes.

когда можно стерилизовать собаку

In the first 1-9 days of the allocation of scarce and bloody, vulva (loop) looks swollen, but dense to the touch. The dog has a very playful mood, however, the dog to not let myself. These days to tying, it's not ready. On 10-16 day the color of the discharge changes to a yellowish-pink, bitch takes the tail before the dog or just if you pet her on the rump. During this period the bitch is ready for mating. What days in this interval is more likely to conceive, with absolute certainty to say. It happens that breeders spend years trying to tie the animal, but never can guess the day. But it is better to choose not the first and not the last day of ovulation. Binding usually should be repeated after 1-2 days. If you do not plan puppies be these days especially vigilant. But to 17-21 day amount of discharge eroding, the dog stops to allow dogs.

Как проходит стерилизация кошек

Regardless of whether you need offspring in this postawko, don't let dog eyes. Walk her only on leash and preferably away from the places of the range, where usually a lot of dogs. Any day of estrus superfluous anxiety is not necessary for you or your pet any strange dogs. Besides, even the most exemplary and obedient dog can completely forget about all the teams, habits and rush aimlessly. At this time dogs are very often run away from home or fall under the wheels. If the dog walks in the yard of a private house can be a little calmer, but carefully inspect and close all the holes in the fence, believe, overcome instincts bitch and the neighbor's dog, burning desire, the hole in the fence is not a barrier. And the wire-netting, which often make cages, in General can not be saved. If you have a male, let's put the animals in different rooms for the duration of postavki and keep strictly separate from each other.

As for cleanliness, the dog, of course, will stain furniture if she is allowed to sit on a chair or sofa. If you start to ban and criticize only in this period, the animal simply does not understand that want from it. Carpet on heat you can roll the sofa and the seat in the car lay a blanket, which is not very easy to wash. Can use a special cloth panties that you can buy at the pet store. There are 6 sizes of panties for different breeds, all necessary information is provided on the packaging. However, it is better to put them on the dog all day. And don't forget, on the walk from accidental mating, they still will not save. Independently bitch licks a loop is a natural hygienic measures, do not forbid her to do that.

But to use hormonal drugs that cut off heat or have a pregnancy, you should only in the most extreme cases, for example, a trip to a major exhibition, where inevitably there is a lot of dogs and the money for which, in the case of refusal, to return later. But if you have your own car or even just carrying for the animals, and the heat is not a problem. Can most of the time to keep the dog there, and returns to the ring, where it is naturally to be compared with individuals of the same sex, or even to agree that the expert evaluated the animal individually.

Do not forget about the large number of contraindications to hormonal therapy. If the dog still did not give birth, especially if she first postavka - forget about these drugs at all! In any case, consult with your veterinarian. But if you're never going to have puppies and is in heat for you, only the regular "headache", think it may be wise to sterilize the dog.