You will need
  • Photos;
  • A computer with Internet connection.
The first and most simple method of selection of names – define the date. This option works well if the single event (birthday, wedding, trip on shish kebabs, etc.). Unable to call the album the same date (day, month, year).The disadvantage of this option is that over time the memory of the event erased the importance of specific dates (if the event is not an anniversary). Then in the detailed description of album add specifics, for example: "a shish Kebab from sturgeon on the Volga , "Speech in St. Petersburg on the Fontanka .
The second option is to call the album the name of the event. As in the first case, is suitable only in case if the photos created in a certain time period. Examples: "Dima Wedding , birthday washi, etc.
The detailed description can indicate the present of people.
If the album includes photos taken on different days, but United by genre, appropriate name of the genre, for example: "Portraits "Macro , "Flowers , "Insects of Karelia .
Often the photo album serves as a directory of services, in particular, seamstresses and jewelry craftsmen. In such cases, the album may be named according to the clothing or jewelry: "Necklace of semi-precious stones, Belts , Clothing of leather .