The simplest way to sign a painting – just write a thin brush to his name at the end of work in the corner of the canvas. It is desirable to calculate the label position so that the frame is not closed. The color of the signature should not significantly contrast with the color of your background, but to merge, or spread (for example, if the paint on the brush too thin) letters shouldn't either.
Use the symbol of the element, animal or plant with which you associate yourself. Use it instead of one of the letters of his name, better capitalized, putting it in the appropriate position
Letters can be composed not just of lines, and elements of the composition. For example, the sheets can be folded into several bouquets in the shape of letters of the name. In this case, the color of the signature should be of high contrast to highlight your imagination.
Make your signature of charades and associations. You can present the object corresponding to the translation of your name in Russian language (Svetlana – the light, the sun, Oleg – fire, etc.). Such charades is better not to highlight and write in muted tones.