You will need
  • - twist yarn gray color;
  • - yarn "Grass" gray or silver color;
  • hook № 2,5;
  • - 2 black beads.
Hedgehog start to knit with the nose. Make a chain of 2 loops, the second loop provarite 7 columns without nakida. Next knit in a circle in the form of a cone promazyvaya two columns in each second loop of the previous row, then two (the result should be 24 column).
Needles on the head of a hedgehog knit yarn "Grass". Proverite 3 laps straight and then begin to subtract backwards. First provarite all loops to the column without nakida in every 2 columns, next row 1. Knit this way until there is one loop.
Now begin to knit the grey thread the belly of a hedgehog. Link 7 columns in the loop of the previous row and provarite 6 rows in forward and reverse order. the next 4 rows knit "Grass". Detail fold in half and tie a hook the two parts together.
Foot knit twisted thread primary color. Make chain of 4 loops and close them in the ring. Waite to the center ring 8 to the columns without nakida and provarite in a circle 3 rows, not adding. Link 4 the similar parts and sew the legs to the torso.
The nose of hedgehog can be embroidered in a black thread or link it with a hook. Make chain of 4 loops and close them in the ring. Waite in the center ring 7 columns without nakida and provarite in a circle right 1 row. In the next row columns provarite together. Sew nose to the face of the hedgehog. Of beads make the eyes, embroider mouth.
This hedgehog will turn out small, about 6 cm in height. If you want to toy was bigger, increase the number of loops for a set and the number of rows proportionally.
To hedgehog legs were moving, take a piece of wire, pierce the torso. The ends of the wire bend and insert the legs.
Yarn red or yellow tie small balls-apples. To do this, tie bars, beads, or circles of batting. Apples sew on the back of a hedgehog.