You will need
  • Software WinRar.
The application executable has a. exe extension. At its core is a multi-volume archivethat you can unpack, for example WinRar. To do this, change the extension from exe to rar or zip, then open the archive using the above utility.
If Windows Explorer does not display the extension after the dot, enable this option in the properties folder. To do this, in the open window click the top menu "Tools" and select "folder options". Navigate to the View tab and uncheck the line "Hide extensions for known file types".
It so happens that using WinRar cannot open the file with the changed extension. In this case, it is recommended to run the installation file and specify the directory to unpack all files. Then navigate to this directory, inside it will need the cab file to your PDA.
But not all installatori default produce unpacking files, some of them immediately begin the installation. In this case, it is quite difficult to trace the destination folder, but you can check the common directory for installed programs. The PDA communicates with the PC using the synchronization software (ActiveSync). Go to the folder with the program and find a directory with the name of the executable file.
It is also recommended to search in the correct directory within the Program Files folder on your system drive. To open the search dialog box, press Ctrl + F.
If you locate the unzipped file and failed, use Сabextractor. Open the program and in the main window, click the top menu "Open" then select the. exe file. In the window that appears, select the desired cab file and click "Save". Not sure in the program settings to specify the directory to unpack this file type.