You will need
  • A computer running the operating system, file Manager
First is considered the most common case when the program is installed on your computer. During installation the path to the files and folders of the program leave as default. Typically this folder is "C:Programm Files Program_name". In addition, if the program prompts you to place the icon to run on the desktop, then be sure to check this checkbox. In addition to the desktop, the program can place the shortcut in the so-called "quick launch", located just to the right of the "start" button. Also carefully review, in which sections from the "start menu" the program places its shortcuts.
If the program placed the shortcut on the desktop, find it and run the installed program by double clicking the left mouse button on the icon of the shortcut. The alternative - a single click on installed program icon in the "quick launch bar", which is just to the right of the "start" button (if the program put out your own label).
To run the installed program via the menu item "start". To do this, click "start" - "All programs" and in the list locate the program. You can also pin the shortcut to run the application in the menu "start": "start" - "All programs" - "Installed program" - "right mouse button" - "pin to start menu". Now the startup is available immediately after pressing "start".
If the program is not installed on the computer, and provided in a ready kind, and if it did not create the shortcuts to run either in start menu or on the desktop, it can be run directly from the installed folder. To do this, use any file Manager ("My computer" or "Total Commander"), navigate to the program folder, usually "C:Programm Files program name" (using "My computer" when you navigate to the folder Programm Files, click "Show contents of this folder").
In the program folder locate the file with the extension .exe, it is usually called in tune with the program and graphically looks like its logo. Double-clicking the file will run the program. Click the right mouse button, select "Send to ..." - "desktop (create shortcut)". Now the startup is also available from the desktop.