Advice 1: How to cook a schnitzel

Real schnitzel – not a minced cutlet. It's a thin piece of good meat, fried all the rules. The German word schnitzel. it is derived from the verb schnitzen – chop.
How to cook a schnitzel
You will need
    • 400 g veal
    • pork
    • lamb
    • chicken or Turkey breast;
    • 100 g butter or vegetable oil;
    • 4 tablespoons breadcrumbs or flour
    • or crumbs fresh loaf;
    • salt to taste.
Meat take without streaks and films. Wash it, drain off the water. Dry the piece with a cloth or towel. Then cut across the grain into 3 or 4 thin layers. Optionally (if still a little connective tissue) veins slightly cut into, to while cooking, not shrinkage.
Cut each schnitzel, cover with a plastic bag and gently beat them with a hammer or the handle of a large knife, if there are doubts about the quality of the meat. Meat to recapture is not required if the schnitzel selected the best cut of beef (sirloin, fillet).
All schnitzels are prepared to get wet paper towel on both sides to prevent moisture did not reduce the oil temperature when frying. In a bowl pour the breadcrumbs – the breadcrumbs, flour or crushed pulp of the loaf.

Bread should not be too soft, otherwise he is blind, and will not crumble. Peel before chopping is better to cut, then the flesh of the baton grind in a food processor (a blender), grate or crumble smaller hands. Chunks of meat dipped in breading first one side, then the other. Crackers, flour, crumbs of the loaf should be evenly cover the entire surface of the meat piece.

Do not add salt! So the meat is not identified ahead of time all of their juices, and the finished dish remained juicy piece sprinkled with salt only at the very end of cooking.
The oil in the pan to heat. It should be quite a lot. If your frying pan large diameter, add oil to the above number prior to the start of cooking. Schnitzel is fried almost fried. Only a piece of the oil is not floating, but resting on the bottom. Due to the large volume of very hot oil the surface of meat quickly "sealed" and no longer lose juice.
Put the schnitzel into the pan. Fry the meat layer on both sides for 5-7 minutes. Add salt for 2 minutes before the end of frying. To complete the process of roasting, when the meat will become crispy Golden crust.
Quickly fry the schnitzel
Schnitzel pork or poultry requires full cooking (7-10 minutes each side). Such meat can not be eaten with blood! To check the stage of cooking can with a fork: the meat piece through it without effort. Speaking of grayish-clear juice indicates that the piece is completely cooked through.
Useful advice
A connoisseur of the culinary arts William pohlebkin recommended before frying oil overtempered, that is, to bring over medium heat "until the white acrid smoke, but without boiling" to evaporate all impurities. To clean the oil easier to cook: smoke, Chad, the dish will not burn and will fry out faster.

Advice 2: How to deep fry anything

If you want to obtain a well-fried products with a uniform crispy crust, fry them in deep fat. The main condition is the observance of all the details of the process.
How to deep fry anything
Observe the main rule of frying in deep fat – submerge the product completely and only into the heated oil. Pairwise cut pieces in breadcrumbs or bread crumbs.
Prepare the batter, the dough will prevent the formation of hard crust. Cut into pieces small size. Season with salt and spices for some time before cooking, let the meat or fish to infuse. To pyrovate is also possible in advance but then leave the food in the fridge.
Use for frying the fryer, if it does fit the pan. Select the dishes are wide, tall and thick bottom. Observe the temperature for frying in deep fat is 160-190 degrees.
Try to roast several ways. Immerse the pieces of products in the heated oil. In the process of cooking they will float to the surface. Use the method, if the products have obmenyalis in the batter. In order to form a uniform crust pieces need to turn.
Breaded foods fry in a special basket. Follow the process to flip the pieces you just pull out the basket when it's all cooked through. Put fried foods on a towel, allow to drain excess oil to the dish and serve hot.
In the fried food you can cook vegetables, poultry, meat, fish, pasta, rice. Consider the volume of dishes used, products should not be cramped. Use for deep frying vegetable oil, do not fry in margarine or butter. If for frying in deep fat you are using regular pan, determine the temperature of the oil.
Lower into the hot fat ball of dough. If he remained motionless, even heat. A small number of educated around ball bubbles mean that the oil was warmed up till about 150 degrees, around the boiling test fat oil warmed to 160 degrees. If the ball started to burn, then the fat has warmed up to a temperature of 190 degrees.
Useful advice
If you fry the vegetables, put them in heated to 140-150 degrees fat. In oil preheated to 170 degrees, cook the meat or fish. Very hot oil use for donuts, meat pies and pasties.
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