You will need
    • meat;
    • oil;
    • a marinade.
For roasting on the grill or in a frying pan, use only fillet (tenderloin), cut or steak (thick edge). Try to prepare from meat of a young animal, it is more tasty and soft. Frying will only fit high quality product, without sinews and films. If you use meat with defects, the pieces will remain fibrous and hard.
Marinate meat before grilling. Pepper, RUB with crushed garlic and pour vegetable oil. Do not salt ahead of time, otherwise the meat will lose its juice, and this will make it less tasty. Salt at the end of cooking. This method is suitable for marinating lamb, veal and pork cuts.
There is a quick way of marinating. Cut the meat into pieces and repel them, put in a bowl. Sprinkle the Bay leaf, chopped onions, parsley and cumin. Mix vegetable oil and lemon juice, in the proportion of five grams of the oil to the juice of one third lemon, salt and pepper. From time to time turn the meat.
Now meat is breaded you need to. On both sides, first roll it in flour, then in beaten eggs. Remove meat and dry, vyalaya in crushed breadcrumbs, pressing them tightly to the pieces.
Pork chops, sauerkraut and bacon, ham dip it in the batter, which is thicker than the batter for pancakes. While cooking meat covered with a crispy crust.
Fry need in an open pan. Meat put into a pan of warm, not burnt oil. In this case the meat will be covered with a delicious crust. Do not allow cooling oil, otherwise the crust will not, and meat saturated fat. Flip the pieces necessary only when one side is almost ready.
Meat should not be closely laid on the pan, otherwise the crust will be uneven. Fry preferably on medium heat so the meat is well fried on the inside. With a small amount of oil is prepared breaded meat and meat with a crust, but it remains undercooked on the inside (in English). Boiled meat fried in a large amount of beef fat.