He graduated from high school. If we are talking about the individual entrepreneur who wants to engage in auditing activities, then the first prerequisite is basic education. A few years ago, the auditors had to finish College for economic or legal professions. Now this strict limitation, you can become the auditor, having the diploma of the journalist, philologist, or even a physical education teacher.
Accumulate experience in specialization. At least 3 of the last 5 years you must have worked as accountant, economist, auditor or a teacher of Economics. Count work on a permanent basis as well as part-time in these professions.
Get special professional education. This term refers to training in the specialized educational centres and institutions for training and retraining of auditors. Education can be practised in isolation and without interruption of production. Followed by an internship in an auditing company.
Learn fluent business Russian language. Perhaps to some it will seem a small step, but the auditor should not only perform the audit in the organizations, but also competent to withdraw the audit report.
Get the auditor's qualification certificate. If you meet all the previous requirements, then you need to perform testing. Typing the required number of points, the applicant is allowed for exams. Upon successful delivery you will receive a qualification certificate of the auditor.
Join a self-regulatory Association of auditors. If you want to engage in auditing activities individually, you must join this organisation. You will need to make a contribution in the amount of 3000 rubles, and to present a qualification certificate.