To currency cashier can, having on hands the certificate. This document was adopted by the Bank of Russia as evidence of specialist training. Only after passing special courses and at the end of the qualification procedure with the purpose of revealing of knowledge.
To obtain a certificate of currency cashier at various centres of training courses in the private and public educational institutions. Foreign exchange cashiers may be organized by financial-credit institutions for training and advanced training for experienced or newly hired employees. Specialists relevant to the work of the cash or desire to meet her, often referring to a commercial organization with the purpose of self-training or obtaining a new profession.
Choosing a foreign exchange cashiers, pay attention to the plan of their carrying out and the number of practical hours. Employers when hiring the employee, whose responsibilities include working with foreign cash, demand high skills. If you haven't worked with currency, then the courses will help you to buy them, as long as it was part of the programme.
As a rule, courses currency cashiers considerable attention is paid to the issues of foreign exchange-cash transactions, the work order foreign cash, you are getting the experience of working with payment documents. Foreign exchange the cashier should possess practical skills of working with equipment designed to identify the solvency of banknotes. Courses for currency cashiers are trained to work with traveler's checks, plastic cards.
After completing the course, students are subject to certification, which includes the question. After successful completion of the specialist certificate is issued foreign exchange cashier. If between the training center and financial institution a contract, it is often the best graduates are recommended there as employees.