Much can be understood by the eyes of the interlocutor. For example, if he rolls his eyes up and it says its strong irritation. Lifted up, and then quickly allocated to the right eye indicate that the person that is trying to remember.
There is one trick by which you can determine lying or telling the truth. It is the following – if after your question the other person will look up and to the right, so he's going to tell the truth, and if up and left to lie.
In NLP (neuro linguistic programming) the ability to read the eyes is called "key-eye". Experts claim that it operates almost one hundred percent, even if the person absolutely not familiar to you.
An interesting approach is the following – look "right and down". This means inner monologue or even dialogue, as well as control of speech. This view says that man is very carefully choosing words to communicate and is afraid to tell something superfluous, in his view.
There is a special complex of exercises which helps to develop the ability to "read" a person by his face, facial expressions and gestures. Of course, in order to learn this, we need training and experience. To get started you will need a helper. His role is that he should turn to think about the good and the bad. Your task – to understand and feel at what point he thought about the negative and the positive.
Interesting and effective is the exercise in search of items hidden your partner. You have to ask questions to the helper, but it doesn't have to answer out loud – let thinks to himself. The expression on his face you should try to understand where the hidden object.
Another assistant sees something you do not see. Your task is to draw the facial expression of the interlocutor. And the most important condition is that you needs at this moment nothing to think. Most likely, the picture and the facial expression of the assistant match.