You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • - Hairdryer.
Use the following technology for wypieki transistor-MOSFET. Use two soldering iron to the desoldering a transistor. One has to be 65 watts, they heat the source of the transistor, the second on 36 W must have a wide soldering iron tip, heat them with two o – source and the shutter.
To make it easier desoldering a transistor, pre-fill the space around MOSFET a small amount of certainity. After warming up the insights of the transistor to the point until you start to melt the solder, sharply lift the body MOSFET two soldering irons. It will bounce a short distance to the side.
Use one soldering iron, 40 watts. Warm and they lift the gate and the source, then lift the drain desolder before the end of the gate and the source. Here you need to help yourself with a toothpick, but do everything smoothly, if you make a sudden movement, you can break off a leg of the transistor.
Most importantly, desolder the transistor to the contact pad away. When warmed up the transistor drain can be put between him and the cost of a piece of paper when she is fully fit and will perform the separation of the flow from the Board, the legs of the transistor can be easy to unsolder, not broke from the housing.
Complete sealing-off of the transistor using the worst case rosin or soldering fat, and in best – certainitly flux or soldering patriots. Also you can try desoldering the transistor with millerovskogo hot air gun.
To protect the elements from unwanted heat, use foil. To remove the MOSFETs can construction a Hairdryer: before heating on each pin, apply a drop of certainitly, heat from below the dryer from a distance of three to five inches.
When the solder to float on a pad, stop the heat and remove the transistor with tweezers. To protect the capacitors from overheating, make cylindrical aluminum screens from the outside of the capacitors. When performing soldering with hot air, put them on the nearby capacitors.