You will need
  • - the consent of the owner of the basement for sale;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale.
The advantages of buying a basement through a real estate Agency is obvious – ease of payments (you will do everything the mediator) and no need to look for the owner. And, believe me, is not easy. Minus the fees that you will have to pay for mediation services. To purchase the basement through an Agency, sign a contract and wait for the options. The only thing you are left is to choose whether to sign the contract of sale and to the right of ownership.
To buy this room can also the local authorities if it belongs to the municipality. The disadvantage of this method is participation in the tender. And it is quite a lengthy and exhausting procedure. To do this, occasionally check the local media or the website of the city Council on the sale and lease, submit requests to participate, enclosing their registration documents indicating for what purposes you need a cellar, because the purpose of together with the amount plays a significant role in determining the winner in the tender.
If the first two ways do not suit you, ask about vacant premises from the HOA (homeowners Association). These are organizations that are created by all the inhabitants of the house, owning a basement on the rights of the common shares. If the house is not created by the merger become the owner of any premises it will be very difficult, as you will need the consent of the majority (at least 2/3 of the owners of the house).
The fourth method purchase of non-residential premises, which include basements, attics, garages and warehouses, buy in still not built house directly from the developer.
Before you buy, check who owns the basement. If the municipality, without tender you can not do.
Note also the presence in the basement of the communications and engineering. They should be located so as not to interfere with your activities. In some cases, to rent cheaper than buying, although if you plan to invest a lot of money into it equipment for a particular activity, it is better to buy.
Note also that the right of ownership does not mean the right of conversion under certain needs. For this you need to obtain many permissions from sanitary inspection, fire inspection, Department of architecture and urban planning, to prepare technical documentation, etc.