You will need
  • - application; - the conclusion of the sea; - the conclusion of the fire protection; - the conclusion of municipal services; - the lease.
First of all, decide with the family activities. If you are going to open a restaurant or nightclub, basement, located in a residential building, you will not do. If we are talking about beauty salon or other business not related to music and noise, it will be possible to consider any options.
Find out who owns a basement roomof the M. In most cases, for basements respond Disinformation, REU or HOA. Write a statement to explain why you need this room and for how long you would like to rent it. In some cases, if we are talking about houses, you will have to wait for a decision of apartment owners.
If the basement room is in an apartment building where most of the apartments are the property of the tenants, for rental, please contact the management company (ZHEU). Will be held General meeting of tenants, and the rental of the basement will be decided by vote.
If most people in the house will make a decision in your favor, you will be able to rent the basement to start your business. If the proprietors will vote against this project, you will have to look for another room.
After the competent authorities will consider your application and will take a positive decision, you will be able to enter into a lease. However, to do this you will need to get the SES, firefighters and public services. Without permission of these instances you will not be able to use the basement or under one project.
Get the necessary permissions and sign a rental agreement with the local administration. Before signing, carefully review the terms of the contract, the rights and obligations of the parties. Check the conditions of the lease, payment terms and other details. Find out all the details and only then sign the document. Keep in mind that if the contract does not stipulate clauses on the rights and obligations of the parties, in the event of unforeseen circumstances you will act in accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation.