You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - your phone.
Upload a picture from your phone to a special mobile file sharing, links to which are often inserted in the menu the phone's camera or gallery. Links are also available from the browser menu, you can select a site for the location of the file on its own. After uploading the image to the server, copy it to the clipboard of your phone.
Create a new TEXT message. Insert the address of the image you have uploaded on the file exchange. Please note that in this case, the recipient must have access to the mobile Internet and the link in his phone model must be illuminated for the transition.
Best of all, of course, in such cases use MMS messages, but not all of them support the download of a specific size of file images, not always their profile configured in the phone menu and is not always transferred quickly. These are the main advantages of this method of sending pictures by SMS.
If the recipient has no Internet access, send him the link in the message, and specify to open it on your home computer, overwriting the text in the address bar of his web browser. Note that here, the easiest way, of course, use e-mail.
Use the original way to send pictures in a SMS message, which was used in the late 90's and early 20-ies of the owner of monochrome phones. Draw a picture using the symbols available to insert into a normal message. With the advent of MMS and the Internet in phone this sending of pictures is obsolete, but still it exists, because it would be wise to use them. Please note that not all phones have the same screen resolution, consider this option when you enter and on the edges, use a line break.