Once you have included the Tamagotchi, you need to choose an animal for whom you care. Depending on the model, it can be a chicken, a cat, a dog and even an alien – it all depends on the imagination of the developer specifically for your model.
Your pet need to regularly feed and water. This function is the first menu. Some models of Tamagotchi have to offer to pamper your pet sometimes sweets, but don't overdo it – your Tamagotchi can get sick.
Don't forget to play with your pet. The more often you do it, the happier it becomes your Tamagotchi. Modern models offer to earn game points and then buy them in online store gifts for your pet.
Tamagotchi, like a normal pet, goes to the toilet, feeding you the signal from electronic noise. Don't forget to clean up after him, otherwise he might get sick. Electronic animal must periodically send to the bath, especially after games.
If the pet still got sick, the screen will display the icon in the shape of a cross or skull and Tamagotchi plaintive beeps. Do not be afraid, the game has treatment. E-the doctor will vaccinate your pet and you can play again.
Periodically Tamagotchi begins to act up, refuse to eat when hungry, not wanting to go to the bathroom. In such a situation you need to use the function "education". E-the teacher will quickly teach your Tamagotchi to order.
Like any animal, your electronic pet need regular sleep. While Tamagotchi is small, it sleeps several times a day. When he grows up, goes to bed only at night. Don't forget to turn off the lights in his house.