You will need
  • - documents that require the relevant authorities.
Please note that starting this year, several have tightened rules for the licensing of groundwater wells. From now on, licenses for groundwater extraction will be issued by the Department of subsoil only if there is a Protocol of the Territorial reserves Committee, which confirmed the capture of the groundwater of the section on governmental accounting.
Provide to the CPS certificate use of land or the lease contract of this land plot. On the basis of this information will be given permission to drill. However, a permit for drilling of water intake well enough.
Guided by the approved standards of spending, make a rough calculation of water consumption from the future well, and agree the regional Department of water resources.
Get the conclusion of the CPS on the suitability of this area for the organization of sanitary protection zones 1.
Get a license to use suburban area for geological purposes. After that, make a project of exploration works and submit the project for consideration by a special state Commission. After the approval of this project, follow the instruction, i.e., perform an assessment of the groundwater resources. Only then can you apply for a license for this intake well.
Prepare a list of required documents, including the minutes of the meeting of the expert Commission, a certificate on the sanitary well-being of the underground horizon, the composition of groundwater and other documents. Then get a license to bore. Having all the necessary Arsenal of documents, start drilling.